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Born and raised in Conegliano, Manuel develops in teen years a very specific interest in communication and all its aspects, helped by his passion for theater and social sciences high school education. He graduates at IULM university in Milan motivated by a strong idea: that an effective communication can be the first step towards the complete fulfillment and valorization of territorial companies’ potential. All his experience, in local or big firms, make him apt to a pragmatic method, but characterized by a true enthusiasm for great ideas and worthy situations. He brings in Rf academic competences inextricably linked with proactivity, born from a deep passion and personal motivation.



Characterized by an eager desire of learning and always researching the New, Christian takes his first steps in the photography world as an autodidact, always testing himself and establishing new goals. After a technical education, in Conegliano, he specialized, working with big local companies, in industrial design, from architecture to plant design and studying production processes. The passion for photography however played a fundamental role in his life leading him to deepen his knowledge through courses, and making it the principal occupation inside Rf. He mixes rigor and precision with emotional pictures, and applies himself in organizing workshops and photographic events.



An exciting background conveying various influences, both artistic and musical, creates the perfect conditions for Alberto’s growth, who matures experimenting life. Although he graduated from a scientific high school, he always felt attracted to the design’s world, in all its forms, discovering only after an unexpected passion for graphic design, which he conceive as a mix of composition’s freshness and structural rigor. He believes that shaping with care good ideas, concepts and projects is the best way for them to be visible and successful. This certainty pushes him very often towards the principles of Basic Design, frequently judge as poor but, if well studied and realized, can disarm for its powerful clarity.



He defines himself an explorer and as such he combines work and passion in a continuous succession of research and discovery. He approaches photography and makes it a connection point and way to express emotions: both linked to his beloved Dolomiti and to reportage of any kind; for this reason he informed himself on dedicated websites, great Magnum photographers’ books and workshops. The desire of talking through images leads him to an active role in Rf motivated by his belief that photography and video making must be a passion before being a job.



Reading and books are Chiara’s playground since infancy and the more she got close to that world the better she realized how the right words can move people, everyone differently. In a continuous research of new stories, and the very best way to tell them, she takes an unusual path that leads her from a linguistic high school education to an economics degree. She considers passion and commitment to ideas and dreams the best sources of inspiration and motivation. She puts her pen at the service of an honest and clear communication, that is able to captivate and move without getting lost in an ocean of alternatives.