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Tommaso Meneghin



08 GENNAIO 2017

Usually people recall the 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read and only the 10% of what they hear. It’s normally said that a picture or a photograph count more than a thousand words (absent-mindedly read if I may add so). This sentence should be cautiously considered, but for our mind the “visual” aspect is undeniably fundamental. Pictures are easily remembered and, for this reason, in the big communication world a great deal importance is given to “what meets the eye”.

We are talking about a field packed with visual contents, in which is difficult to be in the spotlight, the key to success is however to create a strong and engaging (visual or photographic) message. Now, to remain practical the real question is: “How important is photography within business?”
Easy to say, fundamental! Pictures can: help describing the firm identity and making it recognizable to share- and stakeholders, tell a story and convey clear messages to the observer. That being said is obvious that most of the time using just a smartphone to take pictures is not enough. To consider photography as a optional step for the business image is a big (and easy) strategic mistake, the logical solution to this situation lays in a simple investment: the service of a professional photographer.

Here’s an example: Trivago’s studies report that an hotel or restaurant with at least one photograph has the +225% probability of receiving a reservation.“You believe in what you see!” Another reason to let your pictures speak for you. Try to enrich your blog with pictures and portray your products, for catalogues and brochures, in a way that allows both product and your message to shine above alternatives.Trust images to tell, on your website, your story.

In conclusion use photography to introduce yourself effectively to the market.

Tommaso Meneghin